where can I find the exact information required to do a tax appeal. home values 2008 in hopatcong, new jersey

doing a tax appeal. need the perfect comparables and all information about them. where is the best place to research and the best methods for a successful appeal?
In Market Conditions - Asked by donna h. - Mar 21, 2009
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Indianapolis, IN

Have a reputable appraiser do a full appraisal on the property and then call your local tax office (usually the county that you live in,) assessors office and tell them you want to dispute your local property tax bill. This is becoming a common thing, since the property values have declined radically in this economy, most LPT bills are based on a value much higher than the property value. They will have you come in and just present the appraisal you had done as proof it should be lowered and they will do it. God Bless

Mar 24, 2009
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nick k.
Corporate Investor
East Brunswick, NJ

check out www.easytaxfix.com

Mar 25, 2009
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Debbie C.
Property/Asset Manager
Middleton, MA

To answer this question you will need to know your States laws and procedures. In Massachusetts we have an Assessment Date which is 1/1/year. Example: 1/1/09 Market or sales of property will be analyzed to produce an actual tax bill for 12/31/2010. The certification process is lengthy and very analytical so this process will begin in every Assessor's Office by the month of June. These dates are the reason we are a year behind in value. As an Assessor we always say it would be nice to have a crystal ball then we could stay right abreast of the ever changing market conditions. But we have to follow the law and procedures. Producing an Appraisal to the Tax Assessors office does not guarantee a a reduction of your bill the Appraisal must be in the same time as the analysis. Many people get confused when their tax bill goes up when in fact it is not the value of your property but the tax rate. If your town has spent a lot of money on items such as schools, police cars etc these items typically increase the rate but have no effect on value. I hope this helped and did not cause more confusion. If you wish to email me directly I can be reached at trideaent@comcast.net

Apr 8, 2009
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