what type of space should I look for if I am interested in opening up a lingerie boutique

In Leasing Property - Asked by tameka j. - Feb 5, 2011
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Coral Gables, FL

You will want to look for some retail space. Be careful to make sure that the message you are trying to send with your store should be the message of the area you are in (i.e. If you are looking to be more of a luxurious boutique you will obviously want to be in those areas). And also, make sure there where you are trying to open your store will allow your type of business, some cities and municipalities allow them, some don't, it depends on the area. Hope I was some help.
- Justin

Feb 6, 2011
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Rob B.
Chandler, AZ

Tameke....Zoning is the starting point. It must be zoned for commercial and must allow your type of business. Usually the listing agent that has such space has pre-qualified the usage. However, your Agent can always check with the governing authority which is often the county or city planning and zoning department. More importantly to your question are a few of the following important questions:
1. What size store do you need, minimum and maxim square footage?
2. What is an ideal layout for your store? Wider and shorter is better than longer and narrower?
3. What is the ideal location for you store?
4. What can you afford to pay and still maintain your percentage of gross sales that should be dedicated to rent expense? (Including all the NNN costs of rent)
5. What are the demographics that will serve your location best?
These are but a few of the questions. At the very beginning of your desire to open a retail outlet you should be seeking the advice of a good retail specialist in your area. By that I mean an accountant that is familiar with the costs of operation of a retail store, particularly of your type. You could also seek out operators of such stores in areas that you will not be competition to and ask for their counsel, even if you have to spend money up front. This pre-leasing advice may be the best money you spend in your quest to be in business.
It is no question why certain businesses are multi-store operations and located in particular areas. The wrong store in the wrong location, no matter how excited you may become is a prescription for failure.
After having all your preleasing questions answered then find a competent commercial, leasing agent to represent you as your personal Lessee’s Agent in finding the “just right location”. Good luck Tameka.... Rob Baird, CA RE License #544165 (One of the oldest, active licenses in CA) 951 515-5855 Email: rob@capratecommercial.com

Feb 6, 2011
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Jan A.
El Segundo, CA

My suggestion would be to look for a neighborhood center with grocery store (well known), Post Office and popular food service operation. If space available in this center via signage and phone, call up and tell them you are interested. Educate yourself by looking at available space, rents, taxes, common area costs. Ask leasing agent for stats on who frequents this center, population. If you are new at this, you need to convince Lessor of your ability to a) run a lingerie store, b) afford the rent for at least a year without revenue coming in. Good luck

Feb 13, 2011
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