what the building or code requirements in LA for building ventilation in a commercial lease?

i have been leasing part of top floor for my recording studio. landlord has in the lease that ttennants cannot use the building HVAC systems. two of my rooms(the control room and tracking room) both do nt have windows, nor do they have sources of air other than the duckwork attached to the hvac system in place in ceilings and on roof. remember, we contractually not allowed to use it. for 3 mos. in the summer here in LA those two rooms and adjoining hallway average mid 90 degrees in the middle of the night because all the hot air throughout the building collects at my studio area because there is absolutely no place for any air to exit these offices , outside of the existing vents attached to the HVAC.
In Leasing Property - Asked by mike s. - Jul 1, 2016
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Jason V.
Gallup, NM

I would start off by reading your lease in detail and finding out why the landlord does not want the HVAC system to be used. There might be an easily obtained solution if you talk to the landlord.
However, if you are in a positions where you must install some type of ventilation system check with your city planning and zoning office. They will surely be able to provide information on specific requirements that may be needed. You probably will need to hire a contractor to install the system. Make sure to check out their license and bonding to protect yourself through the process.

Jul 2, 2016
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