what resources are available to investors to protect the investment from being mismanaged by the sponser?

Am in three TIC's , two are master leases which the sponser now has all asset distributions suspended to all invstors. Claims that due to the economy the properties are underpreforming. Yet upon independent review of the financials and sites activity, the claims seem unsubstantiated. There seems to be a common practice in the industry of non discloure to the investors by the sponsers. What information is released quite often seems to be tainted. Efforts by co-owners to obtain lists of fellow co-owners are often blocked or refused by the sponcers. Once owners are able to talk with each other, most all have similar issues and concerns. Quite often coming to the realization of being caught between " a rock and a hard place". What I would like to know is who is there to aid the thousands of investors that may have similar situations. The scale of what is on the line for thoes who have invested thousands to millions of dollars of their lifes efforts is disheartning.
In General Area - Asked by PAUL H. - Oct 22, 2008
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