what is a land condominium, if it is developed with a building?

The building is several stories high, with a parking garage in the middle upper stories, and all of the building is used as retail.
In General Area - Asked by Catherine B. - Jul 23, 2012
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Chris R.
Denton, TX

In a Bare Land condominium project, units are created from the land. These provisions
were added to the Condominium Property Act to allow such projects in 1983. There may
or may not be buildings on the units. The unit boundaries are determined by monuments
placed pursuant to the provisions of the Surveys Act. An owner of a Bare Land unit owns
everything that is built upon such unit including all parts of the building, decks, patios,
driveways, etc. The condominium plan registered at the Land Titles Office looks very
similar to an ordinary single family subdivision plan but is registered as a Bare Land
condominium plan under the Condominium Property Act. There are no buildings shown
on a Bare Land Condominium Plan.
A land condo would be a piece of land purchased by one condo association regime and then another condo association is created that develops and owns the building.

Jul 25, 2012
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