what does it mean exactly by "Zoned Village Commercial"??

In Buying Property - Asked by Thomas L. - Apr 4, 2015
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Matt L.
Portland, OR

Take a look at the zoning descriptions. If the property is located withing the city limits, use the zoning code for that city. If its located in the county, use their code. The best way to find it is to simply go to that city's/county's website and search for it. It will usually be in a PDF that gets downloaded, and in it will be a description of the uses, and building codes.
Hope that helps!

Apr 16, 2015
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Philip C.
Atlanta, GA

It really is specific to the municipality in which it is located. You will need to find the zoning ordinance, usually available online, for the city in which it is located (or county if it is in an unincorporated area).

May 4, 2015
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Tai N.
City Of Industry, CA

I agree completely with the answers provided by the above.
I will add that you will want to follow up with a phone call or a physical visit to the department which oversees the zoning and ask them to confirm the zoning. What will be more useful to you will be their list of allowable uses for that particular zoning. Ask them for that, it could probably also be found online (depending on the city / county / township / etc.). Lastly, ask them if the property has falls into any specific planned area / redevelopment area (which may have their own unique allowable uses and standards not found anywhere else).
Note: Not all departments have their information online.
Good luck Thomas.

May 5, 2015
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