what does $.42/sf/month mean and how much would you pay annually

In Leasing Property - Asked by Breanna C. - Jan 30, 2017
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Brian H.
Long Island City, NY

To determine the annual cost per square foot divide the annual rent amount by the square footage or $24,000 by 1,500. The annual cost per square foot is thus $16. To determine the monthly rate, divide the annual square footage by 12 or the monthly rental amount by the total square footage (16/12 or $24,000/1,500=1.33).

Jan 30, 2017
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Juanita A.
Hallandale, FL

It means 42 cents per square foot per month, so it would be $5.04 (Five Dollars and Four Cents) per square foot per year. If you have 1,000 square feet then you would pay $5,040.00 per year. :)

Jan 31, 2017
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Ray B.
Port Charlotte, FL

Juanita is correct, but you also need to know if that is Gross, Modified Gross, or NNN (Triple Net) before you can determine you total annual obligation.

Feb 18, 2017
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