what are property fees living in a complex

About to renew my lease. Revive a letter saying that There's a $ 100 add on to my rent for property fees. I am wondering what Are they for. Because we pay for trash removed and pest control monthly so I was wanting to know what's is it and can they do that
In Property Management - Asked by Willie R. - Dec 23, 2015
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Pamela S.
Greenwood, IN

I would contact your local Housing Authority and ask them about these "Fees". If they don't know they should be able to direct you to someone who does.
Here is the national link - http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/topics/rental_assistance
The other place I would check would be the Apartment Association in the state that you live in. If your landlord only owns 4 or 5 rental properties he/she likely won't have to follow all of the Landlord/Tenant rules and regulations. However, if they own more then that they will have to answer to the Apartment Association. Call them and see what they say.
Here is the National http://www.naahq.org/about
Good Luck to you!
Brandi Brandi@HarbertCompany.com

Dec 26, 2015
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Barry M.
Roseville, CA

Try asking your landlord directly first

Jan 7, 2016
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