what are a tenant's options in contesting a nnn charge (really a capital improvement) w/out expensive lawyers?

My Landlord is putting a major septic upgrade under "plumbing". This will be a MAJOR expense that could put us out of business. Isn't this a capital improvement? But we are a small business that can't afford a lot of law fees either. Help!
In Leasing Property - Asked by Katie O. - May 15, 2009
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Paul S.
Glendora, CA

Sometimes you just have to get a lawyer. That said, talk with you landlord. With rising vacancy landlords are having to be more flexible rather than losing a tenant. It is all about negotiating and in tough economic times you may have a bit more negotiating power. I can't comment on what your legal right are in relationship to the capital improvement issues and the NNN charges. That is a legal question and unfortunately you need a lawyer for that.

May 15, 2009
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