multi family insurance company

In Property Management - Asked by k s. - Apr 23, 2016
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Anthony V.
Brisbane, CA

Such an open Q is a matter of interpretation.
The market for multi-family housing insurance varies widely from state to state, and regions within states.
Major determinants of cost and availability are how aggressively insurers choose to compete for your business within each local area. If they want your business badly enough, they will fight for it, and if not they will offer a high price, or none at all. Specific concerns are potential weather losses, building integrity, fire protection, pride of ownership/maintenance issues. The better managed a property is, the more likely it will be to qualify for the best rates available. Some insurers have age limits, some don't. All have maximum property limits which vary from one insurer to another based on their financial size and choices to reinsure or not. Shopping these risks is not a 5min deal, and the more advance time you allow you broker/agent the more likely you are to receive multiple offers to consider.

Dec 29, 2016
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