listing by owner for lease what if a real estate agent brings leasee what is the fee

In Leasing Property - Asked by Lynn K. - Aug 13, 2010
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Dublin, CA

Hi ,
Agent usually charge a fee of 1/2 first month rent to bring tenant for you. They will have to make adverstisment to market your property for rent. If you want them to collect your rent , it would be 6% per month.
Angie Nguyen

Aug 13, 2010
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Jim T.
Abilene, TX

If a prospective tenant uses a broker to find you, customarily a fee of 3-4% of the total rent consideration will be paid to the broker by the landlord. Often times a landlord will increase the rent quoted slightly to make up for the commission payment.

Aug 13, 2010
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Sandy B.
Mcalester, OK

Finders fees are negotiable and the "going rate" will probably vary depending on the area. In our area it is not uncommon for a broker to charge 6% of the gross lease amount for a finders fee if the broker also prepares all the lease documents and assists in negotiating the lease terms. To get a feel for the fees in your area call some local brokers and ask them what they charge for the level of service you will be needing. Hope this was helpful.

Aug 13, 2010
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C. Randolph P.
Tulsa, OK

Depends on the type of property, but in our area an office broker bringing a tenant typically expects 6% of aggregate term of the lease if direct with the owner to 4% - 5% if with a listing agent involved. This is paid typically 1/2 on execution of the lease and the last 1/2 upon occupancy of the tenant. Prompt payment keep the momentum on seeing more deals!

Aug 16, 2010
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Russell N.
Property/Asset Manager
South Yarmouth, MA

My company does not pay broker/agent fees. It is part of our contract. Sometimes agents/brokers try to play dual agent to collect more money, but we don't participate.

Aug 20, 2010
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