is there a form I can send another broker that assures his commission if he finds buyer

I realize there is the contract for that... but he would like something in writing prior to bringing buyers. Draw up a compensation agreement my client signs and send to other broker?
In Selling Property - Asked by lauren w. - Oct 29, 2016
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Marlo P.
Barrington, IL

Google commission agreement between brokers and you will find several examples that will satisfy what you need. Choose the one that best fits you. Perhaps run it by a trusted attorney, or your managing broker, if you need to.

Oct 29, 2016
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Jeremie T.
Corona, CA

Have you checked the following form offered by your Association of Realtors in your area:
1) Commercial Registration Agreement Between Brokers (Form TAR 2404)

Oct 30, 2016
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Blanchard P.
Addison, TX

If the other broker is concerned, ask him for a copy of the form he typically uses. A word of caution however in providing him all of your principals information. A cooperating brokers agreement should be sufficient as you have your client's obligation to pay in the listing agreement.

Jan 10, 2017
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