i live in a town house community and want to get a petiton started to get rid of our hoa they are to relaxed t

our Hoa is only taking money the property is a dump Ive been here ten years and the property going down the property values are falling becouse some people dont take care of their homes and thats suppose to be their job
In Property Management - Asked by Timothy a. - Mar 5, 2010
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Chris R.
Denton, TX

Is there any management providing for the needs of your HOA? Who is collecting the $? There should be a group to be overseeing the operations of the property - ie: officers of the association - charged with responsibility for financial obligations of the association and to oversee maintenance ofligations. Start with the legal documents - declaration of covenants, conditions and restrictions - and - the Bylaws of the association and see if the requirements therein are being adhered to. Those documents will govern and determine who and what is supposed to be doing what and what and how owners / members can go about making sure such is being done. Chris Rosprim, CPM, Scott Brown Commercial, Denton, TX

Mar 6, 2010
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Allison B.
Corporate Investor
Dayton, OH

You need to find out who is on the board of managers or trustees and tell them your concerns. Do you know who the management company is if there is one? Everyone who is an owner in the HOA has the right to see minutes and or financials of the association. Perhaps you and your petition signers could all talk to the board as a concerned group but the objective is to get information and create change not hard feelings and legal problems. Remember you can do more with honey than vinegar.
Best of luck to you and check out the CAI website for some addidtional help .

Mar 14, 2010
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