how many parking spaces can i get in 36,000 square feet (120'x300' lot)

In General Area - Asked by Daniel F. - Oct 7, 2015
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Marty H.
Lenexa, KS

The answer to this question can vary widely. For example, if you have a single lot measuring 120' X 300' and you decide to turn it into a parking lot you will have to take into consideration issues such as city required set backs and screening as well as the number of access points you want and city size requirements for each parking space. On the other hand if you have a much larger parking lot and you wish to split off an area of 120' X 300' and devote it to a single party's parking needs the number of spaces could be much different. Without more information it is difficult to answer your question precisely.

Oct 8, 2015
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Peter B.
Marietta, GA

120*300 =36,000 / 325= 110 spaces normal size spaces
36000/300= 120 spaces 10- 15% will be small will econo car or compact spaces
Good Luck I also attached reference if you using reuse factors

Oct 9, 2015
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