how many parking spaces can be added on a 46 x 30 lot?

I am beginning the process of adding some parking spaces on our property and trying to get an idea of how many spaces we can add. We are removing a three bay garage on the property now and assume we will pick up a couple spots by taking it down.
In Selling Property - Asked by Erin M. - May 16, 2016
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Terry P.
Chicago, IL

Parking Space Dimensions:
· Standard: 9 feet by 18 feet
· Handicapped: 8 feet by 18 feet, with 5-
Hello, Information from a PDF from Lifeway Church, architecture page suggest the following dimensions. However, you have to determine if you are wanting angled parking or straight in line parking. And it suggest each space be 9ft. wide and 18 ft. deep, so with a lane to drive in my estimate is about 6 parking spaces. And I am not a architect, engineer or any type of design expert and just found the question interesting, as I notice some retail places I go there is barely room between the cars to get in and out while others have room for you to fully open your door.
PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS IS A GUESSTIMATE from an NON Professional. On your size property you could have 5, 9'ft. wide by 18ft. deep parking spaces, leaving you a 12 foot lane for traffic, meaning only one car can pull in or out at a time as that is not enough width for 2 cars to pass side by side. And as I stated I am no expert, I am just drawing this using my guides for the resources I listed and doing the math. I hope it is helpful. Also if you are going to have your parking lot striped by a professional company, my understanding is they can help you determine the number of spaces and also should know codes if you have to have handicap accessible. That depends on state and city regulations and whether property is for private or public use. I hope this is helpful and it gave me some practice at using math skills I usually do not use. Good Luck.
And the dimensions found tt University of Tennessee Agriculture Department
While there is probably not a standard-sized parking
space, many parking lots are designed with parking
spaces that are 10 feet by 18 feet (180 square feet). While
Rob Holland
Center for Profitable
May 2014
each acre of land contains 43,560 square feet, a simple mathematical computation shows
if each parking space requires 180 square feet, 1 acre of land would accommodate 242
parking spaces. Of course, this assumes no turning lanes and each parking space is right
next to each other.
If a field that is 180 feet by 242 feet (approximately 1 acre) is designed with six rows of
parking spaces with each parking space being approximately 10 feet by 18 feet and the
traffic lanes are 24 feet wide, approximately 150 spaces can be designed. As shown in
Figure 1, there are three pairs of parking rows, each containing 48 spaces. The one-way
traffic lanes are 12 feet wide and the two-way traffic lanes are 18 feet wide. access aisle
· Van accessible: 8 feet by 18 feet, with 8-
foot access aisle (Access aisle can be
shared by two parking spaces.)
Handicapped parking requirements vary.
Check local requirements.

May 16, 2016
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Francis L.
Santa Clarita, CA

Contact the city and or county planning department where the property is located. They will be able to answer your questions.

May 19, 2016
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