how long does it take to sell an industrial building, considering the current market condition?

In Selling Property - Asked by Amy F. - Mar 20, 2013
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Michael E.
Houston, TX

There are many factors that determine the "sale-ability" of an industrial building. Take into consideration the location of the property, condition, price, amenities (power, crane, outside storage, etc), marketing capabilities of the person listing the building, and the market demand. There is no way to determine the length of time a property may stay on the market, however, the odds are better for you today than 12-24 months ago.

Mar 20, 2013
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M. Sean W.
Atlanta, GA

That's like asking "how much does a car cost?". The answer is really dependent on two key factors: pricing & marketing. First you have to price the property correctly for the sub-market, taking into account the location, condition, and various attributes of the subject property. This can be best accomplished by having a real estate professional in the area complete a current market analysis. Then you must use every means available to market the property and expose it to the largest number of potential buyers. To do this, you will again need to utilize the services of an experienced and top-notch broker who has the tools to present each property in its best light to the entire market.
When choosing a broker, make sure the broker can do these things better than anyone else, and that they offer full cooperation of brokerage fees with other brokers. If you follow this advice, you should be able to sell any asset within 3-6 months.

Mar 21, 2013
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Jerry L.
Banning, CA

You can get some general idea of an estimated marketing time by looking at how long other, similar industrial properties had been on the market before they sold. With just a little data, you may see a wide range, but if you have sufficient data, you should start to see a "tendency" or "grouping". Remember - that how long a building took to have sold as of today (exposure time) may not be a completely accurate indication of the marketing time going forward. If you are in an area where the industrial market is improving, it could take less time going forward. Hope this helps.

Mar 21, 2013
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Robert M.
Property/Asset Manager
Exeter, NH

I'd add that size of the property has a lot to do with time to market. Large, say 1/2 million sq foot + properties will likely compete with other properties on a regional & even national level, which brings political factors in te form of public benefits, tax incentives & other State snd local draws to increasing employment. Smaller, 100k sf or less properties tend to appeal to local owner-operators, direct end users who may be expanding. Depending on local market conditions, 12-24 months up to 5 years may be reasonable marketing times. Of course, a clean property with no vandalism helps a sale in any market..

Mar 21, 2013
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Shay M.
San Diego, CA

That is a tuffy. DEPENDING : : ( like But, ) , ... The Sale can take place tommorrow , or infinity*. The Consumer demand to locate your property FOR SALE is in condition Advertising with the Trends of Market that are based. No One should be able to put an exact day ... on a Sale of any particular Property ... ( although it is done in Higher MATH , ) it still is a guess. Nothing more.

Mar 26, 2013
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Charlie B.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Amy, your property would be a prime candidate for a concept I have done before, if your owner is willing to work with us on the upside I would be willing to help.

Apr 7, 2013
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