does rental unit need to be provided with off street parking?

Is it a requirement for a homeowner to provide a tenant with off street parking for their vehicle?
In Property Management - Asked by Laurie L. - Feb 13, 2013
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Charles B.
Pittsburgh, PA

You need to check with the local municipality as to their requirements either in zoning or ordinance as to required parking for your type of rental. In some areas on-street parking is all that has ever been available. You might also check with code enforcement as to requirements for an occupancy certificate.

Feb 13, 2013
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Marion V.
Chicago, IL

It depends on the location of the rental unit and whether it is residential or commercial. If the rental unit is located in say the Central Business District where pay for park facilities abound or city owned parking lots exist, there is usually no requirement for commercial units but there is reqirements for residential units. Out side of the central business districts, all municipal jurisdictions require some off street parking for rental units based on a local formula.

Feb 13, 2013
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Chris S.
Coeur D'alene, ID

No, it all depends on city, county, state requirements.

Mar 11, 2013
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sean g.
Manhattan Beach, CA

No. Here in coastal Southern California where space is limited, off street parking in some beach communities is considered a luxury when renting an apartment!

Jul 3, 2013
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