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There are many people claiming they can set up 6 figure business lines of credit within a few weeks even for new businesses. Is this real? What are the costs and terms normally?
In General Area - Asked by Amir P. - Dec 18, 2008
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Joe V.
Plymouth, MI

Yes this can be done, but be carefull. Only sign up for the ones that have a guarantee and have the LOC's already attached to the Shelf Company you are buying, otherwise you may find you are not going to get the amount you want and will have no recourse. If the LOC's are not already attached, you will be walking into the bank with an 80 PAydex, 3-5 years of seasoning, but no relationship with the bank. They will start you off at a low LOC and allow you to work your way up from about 5-10 years, as long as you use and pay back teh LOC on a regular basis, you can be asked if you want an increase. If you want 6 figure LOC's, this could take at least 5 years. The best one I have found is at They start at around $100k and can have you into almost $2M within about 60 days. The LOC's are already attached. This is what you want.

Dec 18, 2008
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Sonja M.
Newport Beach, CA

I agree with Joe, but I would just add that most of the companies that do this for you tend to charge exorbitant amounts of money for things that you can simply research and accomplish on your own. I was fortunate enough to have a friend at D&B that gave me an edge where LOC's and corporate credit are concerned, and that gave me the much needed tools that were needed to procure the 6 figure LOC's that you speak of with ease. Let me know if you need any additional assistance.

Dec 27, 2008
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Barb D.
Battle Creek, MI

Sonja - I am interested in establishing business lines of credit without using a service. Can you please contact me with further details? Thanks.

Jan 1, 2009
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Virgil B.
Manhattan, NY

Sonja M,
Hope your holidays were happy. I too am interested in establishing lines of credit without a service. I have spoken to several services and they are expensive and can be a little dodgy. Please contact me with more info. Thanks much and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Jan 5, 2009
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Scott R.
Chanhassen, MN

Sonia, I am also interested in getting the info you have for lines of credit
without the fees. Please email me Thank you,

Jan 7, 2009
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Antly R.
Jackson, MI

Hello Sonja,
I think you may have found the answer many Small Business owners only dream of. I would also be very interested to learn how I can avoid large fees services, while establishing an acceptable LOL. Please e-mail me at, and thank you in advance for you kindness.

Jan 10, 2009
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Chet M.
Cupertino, CA

I too am interested in access to these LOCs.

Jan 12, 2009
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Patrick W.
Western Springs, IL

I would greatly appreciate the sharing of this information. Could you please forward me the details? It would be nice to knowledge share on this subject as it appears there is a good deal of interest. This has been on the back burner for me as I have yet to personally meet anyone who has used a Shelf LOC for buying commercial.

Jan 27, 2009
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Cliff D.
Seminole, FL

Has anyone gotten an answer from Sonja?
I too would like this information
Please contact Cliff

Jun 7, 2009
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Nehal and Rupen S.
Iselin, NJ

I would want to be careful when people provide this sort of information. deal with established firms or brokers like myself whom deal with reputable firms whom can set up either conventional business lines of credits or against your credit card sales, accounts receivables. Bottom line is you must have something to offer to secure a business line of credit.

May 27, 2010
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