Why do some listing brokers/agents do not respond in timely manner?

I have contacted a couple of broker/agents months back listing multifamily complexes and they fail to respond in timely manner. I have to continue to repeat my questions and they fail to execute contracts or ask me for letter of intent. Just venting... sorry because we I lost two great deals!
In General Area - Asked by John C. - Oct 29, 2010
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Mari R.
Listing Administrator
Naperville, IL

It really depends who you are dealing with. We at DynaCom pride ourselves in fast and quick leasing process. We also purchase buildings and find that not everyone responds to you the way that you would like them to, seems like some brokers have too many deals on the table that they can afford to lose two great deals!
If you are ever in the area or if you have clients looking to lease office space in the Naperville, IL area please do not hesitate to contact DynaCom.

Nov 1, 2010
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Cary M.
Clearwater, FL

There are many buyers in the market now but most of them are not willing to engage the services of a professional commercial broker. This involves signing an exclusive listing agreement as a buyer giving the broker the right to represent you for a given period of time. (usually 6 months). Most buyers want to call several or numerous brokers hoping to that one of them will find them a "deal". Realistically, all buyers in a good or bad economy are looking for a "deal". I suggest that you choose 3 good brokers in your area, interview them and engage the one that suits your requirements exclusively. You should obtain better results with this approach. Since it is typical for the Seller to pay the Commission through a cooperative agreement with the listing broker, this service should not cost you any more. Should you wish further information, please feel free to call me. Cary McCord CCIM.

Nov 1, 2010
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Bob W.
Russellville, AR

Just like any business, you'll have different levels of customer service depending on who you're working with. Also, it may be possible that the brokers/agents thought you either a.) Weren't serious or b.) Weren't a qualified buyer.
I'd recommend finding a professional, full-time broker who will work as 'your' broker. They will be able to help you locally, as well as nationally. It may take some time until you find a broker who gives good service, but don't quit until you find someone good. We run a team, so that even if we're swamped, we should have someone who can help.

Nov 1, 2010
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Bob M.
Huntington Beach, CA

Do you remember the old saying, "20% of the people own 80% of the wealth"? Only in real estate, especially commercial real estate, the percentages of quality agents out there is even slimmer. Think about it...you are either dealing with a pro or a non-pro. If you are dealing with a pro, he's busy. You'll have to wait your turn. There is, however, no excuse for not responding to your inquires. I would then have to re-classify him. If you are dealing with a non-pro, don't expect much.
There are lots of pro's out there. Ask for referrals from your investor friends. It shouldn't be hard to find a great guy/gal. You'll just have to look around. Also, I would not deal directly with a lisitng agent. Buyer/Tenant agents cost you nothing and the benefit you have is "representation". Working directly with a listing agent is great if you know what your're doing. I firmly believe a buyer/lessee should be represented by a broker. It's good business, and it's free to you!
Have any questions, call me. Bob Mellema 714 893 2800.

Nov 3, 2010
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Michael R.
Dayton, OH

Because some are lazy, some do not check their email, some are unorganized, some are just listing agents, and some are not hungry. This is not only common among just sales people but also with some painters, electricians, furnace companies, roofers etc. Try getting a hold of some bank loan originators. They may return your phone calls, emails or text 3 days later if you are lucky.

Nov 12, 2010
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