Where can I find the floor plans or layout of a building?

I would like to get the dimensions of the building for various layout designs.
In General Area - Asked by Brian B. - Jan 20, 2009
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Derrick R.
Los Angeles, CA

City or County Bulding and Safety Department.

Jan 21, 2009
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Collier W.
Charlotte, NC

I agree with Derrick. The local building official should have a record of who the the architect was, if not a set of the actual drawings. Age of the building may be an issue as far as record keeping. The architect would probably be willing to share the plans as well as guide you in the layout and design.

Jan 22, 2009
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Juan G.
Ontario, CA

You will have different expereinces based on what city you go to. One city I requested plans to, gave me whatever I wanted, but made me wait 30 days while they sent a letter to the architect to see if he objected to sharing the designs (as they are propietary info). None of the architects went out of their way to say no by letter, so the city burned me a copy for a hefty fee.
Some cities make you go in there with a letter from the architect before they even allow you to request a copy. Most architects will not waste their time helping you out for no compensation.
But what you may be trying to do is conceptual planning for a TI project, right? If thats the case just ask the broker or management company and ask them for either the plans or for access to measure.

Mar 9, 2009
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