When leasing office space, how do I estimate SQ per person for a private office and for open space

A client needs 5 private offices and open space for 10 people. How do I compute the square footage for that part of the office. How many square feet per office, and per person. They also need a kitchen, conference room and reception, but I can estimate that separately.
Thank you for an answer!
In Leasing Property - Asked by Anita F. - May 22, 2013
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Todd H.
Cordova, TN

The easiest way is to count the ceiling panels. Most commercial ceilings have panels that are either 2ftx2ft or 4ftx2ft. So, a ceiling that is 10 panels long and 20 panels wide is approximately 1600 sf (using a 4ftx2ft panel model). There are formulas to determine work space needed per person, but that will vary based on the use.
Hope this helps and answers the question.
Todd Harris

May 23, 2013
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Carl A.
Tacoma, WA

It would depend on if they are using desks, cubicles, additional work area. etc.
Desk would need size of desk, approx 3' to sit in, if guests in front would need 4-5' in front, and an aisle to get to desk.
cubicles are all different sizes and layouts

Jun 6, 2013
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