When buying a commercial property are most people using lawyer drawn up contracts or some other type in Cali?

Wondering what type of contract is expected in California. Thanks for the assistance.
In Buying Property - Asked by David C. - Oct 18, 2011
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Mike A.
Modesto, CA

Generally larger transactions are done using attorney drafted sale agreements. In my experience, it has been all transactions over $4,000,000. If you are working with a larger institutional Buyer or Seller or national credit group like McDonald's you will often be using their attorney drafted document.

Oct 18, 2011
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Brian S.
Bethlehem, GA

I'm not sure of Cali laws but here in Georgia with any document and or contract all burdens fall on the person who wrote the contract. If it's something you're writing yourself or an untrusted source if there is any wiggle room in the contract the ramifications are yours to bear.

Oct 20, 2011
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