What would a good business plan consist of for someone looking to buy, own & operate a mobile home park?

I have searched all over the internet and have not found any answer for this.
In General Area - Asked by Dale O. - Nov 3, 2011
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Jay Z.
Phoenix, AZ

Decide if you are going to finance the acquisition or pay cash.
Decide if you are going to hire a full-time maintenance person or just hire workers as needed.
Decide if you are going to collect the monthly rents yourself or hire an employee.
Once you get going, you can do the income tax yourself (the IRS helps a lot.. 800-829-1040) or will you hire an accountant.
Interview some asphalt companies since you will be maintaining the interior road (driveways) yourself.
Visit with the city to verify the zoning in person. Ask about any proposed changes.
Read some books about landlording.
Prepare your own leases. Don't use anyone else's preprinted forms. Keep them as short as possible ( a judge has to be able to read and understand them easily when you are evicting.... and the tenants can't say they didn't understand). Borrow leases from nearby landlords and meld them into your personal lease.
Decide in advance if you are the type of landlord who will keep rents low in order to keep the "tenants" forever.... or do you want to maximize the rents. Either is a viable business approach.

Nov 5, 2011
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LaMund M.
Troy, MI

a good biz plan should include an inferrance on green technology! we propose to build completely green mobile park fully powered buy solar panels!

Nov 7, 2011
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