What to inspect on a Medical Office property for purchase.

I have experience with buying and selling multi-family apartment buildings, but now I am looking at a commercial property that is Medical Office. What type of inspections should I be looking to get? I figure a roof, structural, and HVAC. What am I missing? Also what type of structural inspector would you recommend? Thanks for the suggestions.
In Buying Property - Asked by David C. - Sep 23, 2011
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Jay Z.
Phoenix, AZ

It won't be much different than an apartment building. Most inspectors won't dismantle systems while you would like things dismantled to be truly inspected. A separate HVAC guy will do that. But they seldom check for a leak at the plenum (roof mounted AC) and those are very common. You can check it with your bare hands. Look for signs of expansive soil or any soil movement. Go to floodsmart.gov. Flat roofs will pass an inspection and leak 2 days later. Get a ladder yourself and look closely. Replace all water shut off valves the day you close. If you have a leak, you can shut it down fast. Many states have a termite history you can research.
Get separate inspectors. roof, AC, plumber, electrician.
Then get crime statistics. The police used to be reluctant to give good information. They are getting better.
A major problem might be the "association" or CAM charges. We are seeing many of them operating with no reserves. You will get pulled down if they have problems. YOu said "medical office" so that sounds like some sort of cooperative effort. Ask more than basic questions about their financial status.

Sep 23, 2011
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Tai N.
City Of Industry, CA

Hire an inspector who has prepared inspection reports for Medical Office Buildings. Also, if the facility is a surgical center, you may want to hire a developer who specializes in building surgical centers to conduct a supplemental physical inspection to ensure that the in-place improvements are up to code and standards. Good luck.

Oct 26, 2011
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