What new green energy retrofit guidelines will be enforced on multifamily residential in January 2011

California Title 24, New Construction green clean energy new guidelines and standards for builders begin January 2011 for residential and nonresidential.
In General Area - Asked by Saundra Lee A. - Nov 28, 2010
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Rob B.
Chandler, AZ

Your best bet will be http://www.bsc.ca.gov/default.htm This site will cause you to do a bit a reading, but it will be the best place for authoritative information. There are also
“feedback” and a “contact” sections, where you can get your specific questions answered.
Good Luck Saundra....
Rob Baird, CA RE License #544165 (One of the oldest, active licenses in CA) 951 515-5855 Email: rob@capratecommercial.com

Nov 29, 2010
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Michelle D.
Auburn, CA

Saundra, Rob is correct bsc.ca.gov is an excellent start. They have the new CALgreen code in pdf format available. But your post has me a bit confused because you are asking about retrofits, which would imply an existing building but then you go on to note "Title 24 New Construction". The building codes cover any new construction, be it a totally new building or a remodel or addition to an existing building. However, if you aren't doing any remodeling, you generally aren't required to make any changes (federal handicap accessibility laws are the exception). I hope this helps.
Michelle Davis,
Architect, AIA and Certified Access Specialist (CASp), CASI
530 863 3849
email: mdavis@mdavisarchitect.com

Nov 29, 2010
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Geo D.
Desert Center, CA

New construction, no problem. Existing construction voluntary with some sort of "carrot" offered.

Dec 2, 2010
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