What kind of space should I look for if I want to open a small cafe in a business park?

I am looking at spaces <500 ft in open business parks. I would need to have a wash basin installed- will most business parks allow me to do that or provide that for me with certain conditions ? What else should I be looking for in a space?
In Leasing Property - Asked by Julie S. - May 28, 2009
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Chris G.
Lynchburg, VA

Some business parks are restricted or limited in the amount of retail space that can be located within the park. You would need to make sure there are no such restrictions. There may also be restrictions on parking, hours of operation and signage that could be unfavorable for you. The other consideration is how your space is accessed. Does it have a rear door? Otherwise your deliveries and trash removal would have to be dealt with through your front door - not impossible but can be problematic. Depending on the volume of trash you have you may need a dumpster - does the park have this available? Also, you may have unusual electrical requirements that the building/space was not originally designed for. Another consideration is if/how you will be preparing foods - do you require a hood/ventilation system? Do you need a grease trap? Do you need special fire supression equipment? These are some considerations that come to mind...

May 29, 2009
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