What kind of space should I look for if I want to open a small bistro? Yhank you!

I would like to offer to the customers daily prepared home-made food. I want to start small.
In Leasing Property - Asked by Angelica G. - Jun 29, 2009
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Jigar P.
Atlanta, GA

3000 sq. ft. should be AMPLE enough space for a small bistro once you've implemented the kitchen and coffee/checkout counter. I'm basing that on the fact that I currently own a 3,200 sq. ft. C-Store with a small kitchen and checkout counter and have PLENTY of space left over on the floor. I also have 5 booths in along one wall for patrons to enjoy their meals. If you're not going to be using up too much space for the Kitchen and Checkout counters then you can probably even get away with something around 2,000 sq. ft. Just design your kitchen/counter areas first, get an idea of how many sq. ft. that will take up, then consider how many people you want/expect to serve at full capacity. This should give you a good idea of how much space you actually need. Also, one thing to consider is a patio/deck. I would probably weigh that pretty heavy in my decision, sacrificing even total sq. ft. if I had to. Something about there word "Bistro" that just SCREAMS "PATIO!" Hope this helps!

Jul 1, 2009
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Al B.
Henderson, NV

Space is another issue, you can go as small as 1,200 sq. ft. with counter service. But make sure you look for a space that has a lot of foot traffic. Downtown areas were people do a lot of walking.

Jul 9, 2009
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