What is the positive impact on price of a development land site being in close proximity to a hospital?

If a developer sells 30 acres of a 100 acre site to a hospital, will the remaining 70 acres increase in value 50%, 25%, 100%.
In Selling Property - Asked by Bill D. - Jun 12, 2013
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Rob M.
Lender/Mortgage Broker
Houston, TX

Adjusments typically go between 5-10% per double/halving.

Jun 12, 2013
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Lynda G.
Menifee, CA

Where's the property located AND what does the city's / county general plan show YOU? Is there infrastructure (water, utilities, roads) existing, or does it have to be developed still? Where there's a hospital, jobs will abound, as will tertiary services (convalescent homes, supplies, etc.). LOOK at the BIG picture first and YOUR return on investment calculations for YOUR pocket. Do your homework. The numbers will follow.

Jun 13, 2013
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David M.
New York, NY

If the land has the right entitling ( zoning) for a hotel and the area is already condense with other hotels. The potential is great for a Flagged hotel 3 to 3.5 Stars

Jul 4, 2013
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