What is a typical lease?

what are the upfront fees
In Leasing Property - Asked by Diane C. - Nov 5, 2012
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Rob B.
Chandler, AZ

What a question!
A typical lease for what kind of property is my return question?
Upfront fees for what kind of lease may be a second question?
What are the terms of the lease anticipated, may likely be a third question at this juncture?
The business of real estate is a very precise business. When it becomes general, there are not good answers. Without good answers, people will make mistakes.
Learn to frame your questions about buying, selling, or leasing properties to get accurate answers.
Anything less may cause you a loss of time, money or both.
Good luck and onward and upward!
Rob Baird

Nov 5, 2012
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Don Yosef M.
Highland Park, IL

This question needs to have more specfic details in order to answer it in any detail.
The easiest answer is to get a cole form or any form lease at your local office supply store and then you can see what a typical lease looks like. Other than that I would say that the rest is up to the parties involved to come to mutually agreed terms.
Different area's , different brokers all have the same information available to them,but it's up to the parties involved to come to mutually acceptable terms.

Nov 7, 2012
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Chris R.
Denton, TX

All good points from my colleagues and the more info you can provide the better us commercial brokers can answer your questions. So many variables are involved here. Not clear whether you are asking from a tenant viewpoint or an owner or an agent view point. Please provide more info so those of us who can and would like to help you can do so with a bit more intelligent information on which to base an intelligent response.

Nov 7, 2012
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Jeffrey T.
Los Angeles, CA

There is no typical lease. There may be general similarities from sub market to sub market. Typically, with larger buildings, the lease terms are longer with a greater likelyhood of landlord offering generous inducements of free rent and tenant improvements. Smaller buildings are generally short term and leased "as-is".
Other than the above, all lease transactionstake on a life of their own and are governed by the "supply and demand" of each market. Jeff.thompson@daumcommercial.com

Nov 9, 2012
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Doug W.
Dobbs Ferry, NY

I think if you gave more specifics you would get better answers. You should specify the type of lease, type of tenant, condition of the property, the area market, your plans to sell or hold the property, the condition of the property, and the terms that you are considering. With that information the pro's here might be able to give you better feed back.

Nov 9, 2012
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Michael C.
Chapel Hill, NC

There is no typical lease it depends on the type of property size of property and other s factors need more info to fully answer the question.

Dec 6, 2012
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