What does N-N-N mean when you are reading about commerical properties for lease?

In Leasing Property - Asked by kristin t. - Dec 28, 2008
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Anthony V.
Alhambra, CA

It means that in addition to the rent being paid by the tenant, the tenant is also responsible for paying the property taxes, insurance and maintenance of the building. If the building is occupied by more than one tenant, the additional cost is usually divided by the square footage. Of the building and billed accordingly.

Dec 29, 2008
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Chet M.
Cupertino, CA

Beware of properties that are listed as NNN, but realy are not.

Jan 9, 2009
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Christopher K.
Ellicott City, MD

It is one method by which expenses are recovered by a landlord from a tenant. NNN is short for "net net net" and is used interchangably with the phrase "triple net."
Terms like NNN or "triple net" don't mean the same thing to every real estate professional so only a lease can give you a definitive answer. To most however, this means that on top of your monthly rental payment, you as tenant are going to be responsible for paying your pro rata share of all operating expenses, including common area maintenance, common utilities, real estate taxes, and insurance.
Some expenses like management fees and maintenance of the roof and structure are passed through in some "net leases" and not in others. Again, the lease governs.
Christopher B. Kubler, CCIM

Feb 21, 2009
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anna r.
Duluth, GA


Jan 22, 2010
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jean s.
Plano, TX

what does industrial gross mean?

Apr 8, 2014
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