Wanted advice for custom home builder looking to get into large commercial multifamily... partnerships or...

Experienced custom home builder Seattle area. todd@lockiehomes.com
In Buying Property - Asked by Todd L. - Oct 27, 2008
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Dallas, TX

if you have any inventory of homes.....you might trade those homes ( luxury rentals ) ?? for someones equity in their multi family property.....you now have a multi family property...they have less expensive...easier to sell ...lower priced new construction inventory.
debra ford 972 380-3337 design@airmail.net

Oct 27, 2008
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Ed H.
Atlanta, GA

I agree with Debra. Trade equities up of swap on like terms. Call me at 407 873 8928 or email at ric.ngcinc@gmail.com to discuss

Nov 1, 2008
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Todd L.
Snohomish, WA

Thank you both. We have know trades available.

Nov 4, 2008
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Chris S.
Coeur D'alene, ID

Trades are an option, might also want to just call up some of the larger multi-family investors in your area and pose the question to them directly. Many investors are looking for creativity and I know Seattle has been a strong market for multi-family for quite some time.

Jan 5, 2009
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