Trading Properties...Is It A Viable Option?

I am interested in trading 7 acres of undeveloped land along a major road for a developed office/warehouse building. Is this a viable option? Do you still need to go through a real estate agent? Are the current market conditions up for this type of proposal? What is the first step?
In Selling Property - Asked by Adam L. - Nov 19, 2008
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Jeremy H.
Jacksonville, FL

It's a viable option if you want the transaction to occur.
I would suggest going through a broker that deals in land development and acquisition. They can steer you around some pitfalls you might come across such as environmental issues, disparities in values of the two properties, lien issues, etc. Also, since there are vertical improvements on the other parcel, you will want inspections. Sometimes, an attorney that deals primarily in RE can take care of this, but I find that attorneys generally know less about this stuff than they represent.
I recommend approaching a broker with a set fee to oversee the transaction. The size of the transaction will dictate the fee. Don't skimp, however. Find someone that knows what they are doing. These types of transactions are notorious for biting people in the butt.
If you have any further questions, feel free to call.
Jeremy Hill

Nov 19, 2008
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Jim T.
Abilene, TX

Brokers and agents are never required for any real estate transactions, they just make it easier. Of course you pay for that convenience.
The first step is to find someone that wants to trade a developed property for undeveloped land (not the easiest thing to do).

Nov 19, 2008
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Ian J.
Ocala, FL

Adam, seek competent advice. Depending on the state you live in, you may not need to have a Broker handle the deal. BUT, one pece of advice the others missed was make sure you DO a 1031 Exchange into the new property. Get competent, qualified help. Even if you pay a consultant fee, the money you will save could be signifigant.

Nov 20, 2008
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