My broker wants (6) mon exclusive w/ add 6 mos and gets comm on any one else that signs after expiration/Why?

Listing expires and anyone he brought, or I evetually get or any other broker, he gets the commission meaning I'm out for nearly a year for any commission
In Leasing Property - Asked by Patricia G. - Aug 26, 2011
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michel h.
San Carlos, CA

Are you sure you're reading it correctly? It's typical for a broker to get the commission after expiration of their listing only for parties they previously introduced to the property or who learned about the property through the broker's prior efforts. Liability for a commission in the listing agreement should exclude parties who learned about the property independently from the broker's efforts after the expiration of the listing period.

Aug 26, 2011
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Melody T.
Gresham, OR

Personally, I would not allow anyone to tie up my property in this market, unless you have a for-certain-deal(such as a bonafide offer from a purchaser with a letter from their bank saying the buyer has been prequalified). If you are not in a hurry this may be a little different. I am an investor myself, and had to get a brokers license just to protect myself from the wolves. An "open listing" is one that pays the agent that brings the actual buyer. You can describe & advertise your own property. Also, like the prior answer you received, you mostlikely misunderstood the terms ie., time period to owe a commission. It is typical for a period of months for you to owe a commission if you sell to a buyer whom discovers your property via a brokers advertisement...which is fair. Some brokers work pretty darn hard to market your property & help you get a buyer; and should get paid. However, check up on this agents credentials if the deal sounds bizarre. Talk to the agents broker, ask the agent if he/she is new, or go on to someone else.....there are too many good agents to allow one-agent to make you feel uncomfortable or stupid. Ask & ask lots of questions! You be in control...... as it's your property! Don't let anyone bulldoze you. There are a lot of desperate bullies in this world. Find out where your agent lives, whom he/she knows, and ask for references from other customers(sellers). I used to become so disgruntled with bad-listing-agents for not preparing the listings properly! Why? A bad listing makes it impossible for a buyer to feel comfortable and be willing to carry the purchase all the way to the bank so you can get paid! This is your object if you want to sell... right? getting paid? OK Have fun, don't let anyone stress you out! good luck.

Aug 29, 2011
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Nancy G.
Rochester, NY

I do that all the time to protect my investment in marketing a property. Someone may be thinking for a few months or trying to wait for a listing to expire jsut to go around an agent. This is very unethical. The contract will state when the commission period is protected. You can try and negotiate anything you want. Let me know if I can help otherwise

Sep 1, 2011
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Jessica M G.
Bethel, CT

Also be aware that there is no procurring cause.. without a buyer agency you wil not be entitled to a commission. period...

Sep 9, 2011
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