Looking for investment analysis software

need a user friendly software that will compare two or more properties before I purchase and then keep me on track once the property is purchased.
In General Area - Asked by Brenda R. - Jun 16, 2010
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Chuck C.
Carlsbad, CA

HI Brenda- I use a porogram by Greystone Analytics and it works well and is affordable at $64.90 including shipping for the CD. See the link below and I also manage commercial properties so if I can ever be of service please give me a call. Chuck Currey 760-730-9100

Jun 16, 2010
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Gene G.
Houston, TX

There are several our there that are very good but you might want to check Investit PRO They make a very nice analytical tool and it is the right price. It is not as fancy with graphs and reports, but it does a very good job

Jun 16, 2010
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Ralph N.
Kenosha, WI

Hi Brenda,
I use eRealInvestor and it has been a great tool for myself and my clients.

Jun 18, 2010
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Jim G.
Sacramento, CA

Dear Brenda... There are readily available tools available from the CCIM Network. CCIM = Certified Commercial Investment Member of the National Assn of Realtors. A trade orgnization for investment real estate professionals. Here is a link to their website where I think you can download excel based forms... Including Annual Property Operating Data = APOD... Also 5 year and 10 year cash flow projections...
I would encourage you to build a APOD model .. Gross Income- Vacancy - Expenses = Net Operating Income or NOI... Unleveraged without mortgage financing first... For each property that you want to compare... Then build a 5 or 10 year cash flow assuming financing and changes over time in the income and expenses. This is how we are trained to evaluate and compare different investments.
I would recommend that you find a CCIM in your marketplace to help you with the evaluation and modeling... They can bring you years of experience in comparing and contrasting the risks and benefits of different investment alternatives.
Good Luck.
Jim Gray, CCIM jgray@ctbt.com

Jun 20, 2010
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D D.
Irvine, CA

The CCIM Network has a fairly simple tool called a APOD that can assist you in analysis.
There are more comlete and expensive software programs such as ARGUS which can really do a strong job and are pretty universally usable with numerous financial institutions as well as professionals which use ARGUS and can assist you in your analysis while using a common platform.
Just remember that reusability of the data and the ability to effectively perform accurate WHAT IF analysis is the real key to these softwares.

Jun 22, 2010
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Michael B. M.
Santa Barbara, CA

Brenda, there is a number of software programs you can choose from. A few of the other answers included CCIM, which will do most of the things you need and works well for me as I will include its parts in many of my analysis, but remember is not meant to be a stand-alone program, however I think you can use it for free as Jim G. posted a link for you to access it. Argus, which was also mentioned, is the standard in the institutional investing world and starts at about $1,000 for the Lite version up to about $5,000 for the full version, PlanESE is a complete program and starts around the $2,000+ range which I understand is very good form several of my fellow CCIM’s, and then there is REIwise, which is the one I use the most. It’s an online program that cost about $30.00 per month and provides pretty good reports, which, I had customized with my look and logo.
I suggest you do some online searches and call the sales team members of the software companies to see what may work best for you at a price you’re willing to entertain.
Michael B. Marechal,
CCIM, GRI, R.E. Masters

Jun 22, 2010
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