Is there a need/demand for a shared business property in Indianapolis?

My boss is thinking about turning a remolded old home looking commercial office property into a shared office/Temporary office property? How would he price, manage, and market such a property? Where can I find good information about such a property? I will take any advice I can get!
In Leasing Property - Asked by Melissa H. - Dec 2, 2010
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Doug A.
Lafayette, IN

The answer to your question depends on its location. The people in need of shared/temporary office space are salespeople and start up businesses. If you are close to bedroom communties where many independent business/sales people may live, you may find demand for such a business. Keep in mind that you are suggesting a business, not a rental, as shared office space requires management similar to a motel, rather than simply a rental space. Demand and competitive alternatives will dictate the price you can charge. Marketing the business is similar to marketing a motel, spread a wide net and talk to everyone you can.

Dec 9, 2010
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