IIf a rental house needs to be tented for termites who pays for the tenant's lodging during that time?

It will take 3 days to fumigate. Does the tenant pay for security if desired while the house is tented?
In Leasing Property - Asked by Dennis M. - Apr 2, 2012
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Ramin O.
Mission Viejo, CA

You need to check your Residential Lease Agreement for specifics to your state. In California, the California Residential Lease Agreement item #31 TEMPORARY RELOCATION states that "Subject to local law, Tenant agrees, upon demand of Landlord, to temporarily vacate Premises for a reasonable period, to allow for fumigation (or other methods) to control wood destroying pests or organisms, or other repairs to Premises. Tenant agrees to comply with all instructions and requirements necessary to prepare Premises to accommodate pest control fumigation or other work, including bagging or storage of food and medicine, and removal of perishables and valuables. Tenant shall only be entitled to a credit of Rent equal to the per diem Rent for the period of time Tenant is required to vacate Premises". So, in this case, the tenant would only get comped for the 3 days of fumigation. As for "security", I would think that the tenant has Renters Insurance and thus all contents inside the Premises would be covered. The tenant should confirm this with their insurance company.

Apr 2, 2012
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