I would like to know of some "lease buy out" veriabge....

In Leasing Property - Asked by Dotene S. - Dec 2, 2010
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larry t.
Graham, WA

In the past I have used many different forms. Many of the standard MLS forms will work but, I usually had to make additions to those also. There are many FREE real estate forms available on-line.
Read through them carefully and find the one that fits you best.....remember......
1. all Lease and Purchase agreements must have an ending date. A date that all
parties agree to perform by.
2. A "Lease with an Option to Buy" is the most common agreement used.
3. Always agree on the final purchase price.
4. Try to include an "option to extend the Lease Period" just in case you are not ready
to move into the Final Purchase Agreement period.
5. Make sure all properties and structures are agreed to moving from a lease period
into the final purchase period.
Write me anytime at the Blog below or..... sellorbuyland@gmail.com

Dec 2, 2010
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Marty H.
Lenexa, KS

Are looking for "buy out" language intended to get yourself (or someone else) out of an existing lease? If that is the case the situation is a little more complicated than coming up with some lease language. Just a few issues to consider include:
1) Are both landlord and tenant willing to terminate the lease?
2) Has a sum of money been discussed as a means of settling the remaining responsibilities of the tenant?
3) Will the tenant be leaving behind any trade fixtures and/or funiture and equipment?
If you can more fully describe the situation I can probably point you in the right direction. Either respond back to this forum or email me directly at Marty@RealEstateDynamics.com

Dec 29, 2010
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