I'm starting a trash-out business on commercial property, does any know if I should charge by the square ft?

or by the job? I've read some charge by the hour. Any information would be helpful.
In Property Management - Asked by Liz G. - Jul 10, 2009
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Juan V.
East Chicago, IN

just an opinion - estimate the human hours, equipment cost, transportation, and fuel.
pay close attention to what you are moving especially a manufacturing facility- which may have specialized machinery and equipment. If you charge by sf, you will loose your hat by removing/un-installing a diecasting machine for example...this may take 3-4 hours depending on the machine and may require a technical/engineering company because it may have hazardous chemicals.
food for thought.

Jul 10, 2009
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Gregory G.
San Francisco, CA

By the square foot and a minimum job fee.

Sep 1, 2009
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Jolly I.
Richardson, TX

Charging per sq. ft. when a bulcky old furniyure is to be moved from an office building is unrealistic. Sometimes trolleys or forklift are used to load thises discards. Tenant should pay a fee for what is being trashed? This fee does not include the normal charge paid collectively by all tenants in an office complex for example, say $20.00 for month.

Sep 8, 2009
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Chris R.
Denton, TX

Look at the job that will determine what all is required and base your fee on your estimate of costs involved + a profit. Otherwise - you will either get burned - or will lose out on a lot of business.

Dec 1, 2009
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