I am looking for someone to sublease my retail space- 2 years remain on the term

Can a sub leasee create a new lease agreement with the landlord or are they bound by the leasee's current terms?
In Leasing Property - Asked by louise m. - Mar 3, 2016
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Doug F.
Napa, CA

This is not legal advice, and could vary depending upon state law and practices. But as a landlord, our practice has been to try to work things out with new lease as long as we are not taking a step backwards. If your question is whether the landlord has an obligation to create a new lease agreement, perhaps not. But if your question is whether it is done, I would say yes, quite frequently in fact, but it is by three-way agreement, that is landlord agrees to release you upon successful negotiations and executed agreement with new tenant. I have been a tenant over the years too, and would start with your landlord and explain your needs and any possible solutions you have for sub-leasing or finding a tenant for a new lease, and see what they have to say, then seek local and appropriate professional counsel as needed. Wish you the best!

Mar 3, 2016
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Victor P.
Atlantic City, NJ

Bound by the lease's current lease

Mar 4, 2016
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