I am a newbe and want to start out leasing. Where do I start?

In Leasing Property - Asked by Dennis A. - Oct 23, 2010
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Joel T.
Brooklyn, NY

I think the best thing is to start as an intern or find a leasing agent who is looking to build a team or simply just needs assistance. The best way to learn is through experience without having to come out of pocket too much in the early stages.

Oct 24, 2010
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John Z.
Quincy, MA

It is a very simple process and it all depends on what life style you want to be in: "fast track", "take it easy", or "doesn't matter". Then, you could identify a busy leasing office in your desired area, ask them what requirements they have for you to work for them, fulfill those requirements and join them to start. Just remember ask someone there with 10-15 or more years of leasing experience as your "go to" coach, learning by doing, doing with learning will lead your way. Good Luck !

Oct 24, 2010
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Rob B.
Chandler, AZ

Both of the previous answers provided to you have been excellent. I noted that you are from my part of the world, SoCal. Therefore, if you would like to contact me by email or by telephone, I have a contact that may be helpful to you.
Good luck in your pursuit in the professional real estate business.
Rob Baird, CA RE Lic. #544165 (One of the oldest, active licenses in CA)
951 515-5855

Oct 25, 2010
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Bob M.
Half Moon Bay, CA

Think these answers are good ones? Think again. Sure there is role for coaches, mentors and OJT can help too; but seriously folks as a replacement for real training? Simply put you must learn before you can earn. What is the value you would bring to a veteran landlord or sophisticated tenant or facilities manager without real education and training? Are you fond of living indoors and eating regularly? If so you should the consider using the same approach to getting into CRE as you would any other job; with real qualifications to do the job correctly. There is no absence of training and education materials in the market place. Google commercial real estate training and you'll find plenty. Learn then earn, just like in every other profession. Don't be a fool.

Oct 29, 2010
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