How is the credit crisis affecting you? Is anybody buying right now?

To the brokers & agents out there, is this the time to buy? Are you personally buying? Are you involved in enough transactions? To the investors, can you get financing? Are prices coming down? Please share your story of how you're business is doing as a result of what's going on in the credit markets.
In Market Conditions - Asked by Nolan T. - Oct 14, 2008
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Juan G.
Ontario, CA

I am a lease listing broker and I am suddenly getting alot of calls from buyers who want to put in unsolicited offers. The thing is that most if not all are unrealistic hoping to get a "good deal". The other side is that most people who own commercial property have little need to sell as most are wealthy and most inherited the property from their parents and now have it free and clear, so why sell in the first place and especially in such a bad time. As far as time to buy, well yes due to pricing if you are an owner user and slight yes to investors, but who is going to finance you, and how will you stay occupied when so few businesses are expanding at the moment and many are defaulting due to lower sales volume?

Oct 22, 2008
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