How do i rent a church for use as a residential property?

In Leasing Property - Asked by michelle a. - Jan 22, 2011
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Adebo F.
New Castle, PA

You will be better off to find a church that is distressed, approach the seller and either do a lease to own or a lease to buy. Either way, you want to check with the local city Authorities that you can use the building as a residential abode. Good luck with your desire.

Jan 23, 2011
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Ron B.
Denton, TX

Assuming that there is no issue regarding changing the use of the property from a church to a residential property - then you may offer the property as a residential property. There might be some modifications required to conform the property to meet residential occupancy requirements - check with the community authorities on what those might be. Sometimes church properties were not designed to accomodate living arrangements. There may not be a shower / tub for instance..... start with community authorities to ascertain if you can and if so what you would have to do.

Jan 24, 2011
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D E.
Wheaton, IL

In Chicago there are several old church buildings that have been converted to condo's and are now up for rent. To find a building that a church owns and then start renting the building and using it like your house - that sounds cool, but the city not only requires zoning changes, but more importantly the building goes back on the tax role, hugely increasing the carrying costs of an old building. A really old church building might actually have live-in rights for the ministry work going on. So if your renting was actually part of a ministry function in some capacity its feasible the church might legally allow you to rent the facility, but that's a huge legal stretch and in any case you would need to take on the legal gymnastics with your attorney and not some random person on a comment board here...

Feb 14, 2012
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