How do commercial Realtors connect with clients? I am interested in finding small investment buyers 2flats etc

I am just trying to explore my options to connect with those smaller investment buyers.... i.e. buying a condo to lease it, buying a 2 flat or 3 flat for the very same reasons.... or looking for a townhouse that has a store attached to it etc.
I am just not sure how to go about marketing myself in that particular market...
Any suggestions?
In Buying Property - Asked by Edith K. - Nov 9, 2010
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Rob B.
Chandler, AZ

You are asking the Golden $64 question. Every commercial real estate agent is interested in connecting with an investor. In your case you are looking for the small investor niche.
The very best thing you can do is get known in your community. You could do this by joining groups like the Lions Club, Optimists, Rotary or Kiwanis. These usually work because most good investors come from referrals. Do a good job of selling yourself through your performance and it is like magic, people want to talk about you and their success in using your services.
I can tell you some of the ways that do not work. The major path to failure is sitting in your office and letting investors come to you, whether that be through the internet or some type of advertising. So, what else could you do?
Using one of the title companies to search out owners from public records can work, if you are into a lot of follow-up research to find telephone numbers. Mailers will not get the job done, unless accompanied with good and frequent telephone follow-up. Most first time mailers end up in the round bucket without ever being read.
Telephone calls are good, but be prepared for rejection through excuses or just downright rudeness at times. You will need to keep good records of your calls and make sure to contact someone at least seven times with seven good reasons to talk with them, before you give up on them. These seven initial contacts may take you as much as a year.
These are just a few of tips for finding the investors you seek. Keep in mind that you are building a professional business and like any attorney that sets out to build a legal practice, or any doctor that is developing his future practice, or the accountant that does your taxes, it takes time to build a professional business. Hang in there, remain professional and it will happen.
As a closing note, you may want to approach the accountant you use for your taxes and see if you can get referrals from him. Also, don't forget relatives, neighbors and friends. Sometimes the trees are closer than the forest! Discover one tree at a time and you will eventually gain the forest.
Good Luck Edith....
Rob Baird, CA RE License #544165 (One of the oldest, active licenses in CA) 951 515-5855

Nov 9, 2010
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Toronto, ON

Post your BUY ads where all the free traffic is: Craigslist, etc...
It works miracles!
Locally, the local fee morning newspaper also works but you need at least 30-60 dys investment. People every morning, take the bus or subway and see your ad consisntently.

Nov 14, 2010
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Nadina C.
Phoenix, AZ

If there is one in your area, attend the meetings of the local Real Estate Investors Association. Attend the classes and seminars. Attend the subgroups. Our local association had a women's subgroup and I soon had 3 clients.
Put yourself in a position to educate newbie investors and help them to be very conservative in making deals. Your current and past clients might be good sources. You will know a lot about their finances already so you can assess whether they might be thinking about taking the next step and investing in real estate. A good question might be, "Have you considered ....?"
Another value-added you can bring to the table is to get connected with all sorts of professionals and vendors the investors will need to help them to inspect, buy, manage, improve, operate their investment properties. It may be a different group from those you are already recommending to your residential clients. Many markets have a multifamily owner association which also has a group for small investors. Make it a point to join the association even if there is no small investor group.

Nov 18, 2010
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