How do I find the average apartment occupancy rates, as a percentage, for Macon, Ga

I need to find average occupancy rates for apartment complexes in various location across the US as well as the average apartment rental pricing for a specific area.
In Buying Property - Asked by Ken B. - Sep 6, 2010
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Monica M.
Valencia, CA

It's best to look at other listings in the same neighborhood to see what the occupancy rates are. If you can look at 10 or 15 other listings in the same area in preferably the same neighborhood then you will get a good idea of what the average occupancy level is. You may have to call the listing agents to find out what the real occupancy level is (and not a proforma number). You won't be able to get a more accurate number anywhere else since this is not data that is published in any type of statistical website or database. Apartment building owners do not voluntarily disclose this information. You may also approach property management services in the area and call a few of them. If they actively manage properties in Macon, Georgia then they will be able to tell you what the occupancy levels are in reference to the properties they specifically manage. However, expect their numbers to be inflated or exaggerated because they will want to brag about their property management ability, especially if they believe you may be interested in hiring them as a property management service for your building.

Sep 6, 2010
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Robert W.
Marietta, GA

I have recently closed several deals in Macon and I would be willing to provide you with the overall market occupancy there.
Are you looking to buy properties or is this just for market research?
Send me an email at "mfa @ multifamilyfinance . com" - remove the spaces of course.

Nov 3, 2010
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