How can i block the scammers and bogus leads. They have no interest in my property. They want my bank info.

These scammers and phishers always say "Please send me more information about this property." They are always off-continent...foreign. They want me to send financial info and bank info. They don't even know what property I have for sale. I have 4 such notifications in my "leads" right now. Irritating!
In Selling Property - Asked by Barbara F. - Jun 25, 2017
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Mark N.
Miami Beach, FL

I always look at the time of day when the leads come it. I get a lot of these overnight or on the weekends.
You cant really block them, but you can report them as spam in your email browser to block that email address for the future.
If they call you and you think it is a bogus call ...ask the specific questions that anyone looking for the type of property would certainly know. What type of cap rate are you looking for? What other type of properties do you own? What do you think about the location? etc etc.
We all get them so I guess is just a part of the technology age.

Jun 27, 2017
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