How can I sucessfully market a re-development tract of land. Seller wants location kept confidential.

Currently a mobile home park. However is well postioned for next wave of commercial development. However, he doesn't want his competition to come in an steal his tenants.
In Selling Property - Asked by Nita K. - Feb 27, 2012
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Michael B.
Las Vegas, NV

Tough to successfully market a property and keep the location secret. Almost impossible to get the best price for the property if you don't advertise it to everyone. One never knows who has the best redevelopment idea and is therefore willing to pay more than the other buyer. Seller also won't know if his competition wants to buy the entire park instead of stealing tenants. In the case of mobile homes less tenants may be better, since many areas have strict rules on how to evict mobile home tenants. Most buyers will request the property be delivered empty so they don't have the legal hassles and possible bad press of the evictions. That being said. Make confidentiality agreement and bring it individually to active developers in the area. No matter what you do, chances are the news will get out and would have been better to heavily market the property to everyone.

Feb 29, 2012
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