How can I finance this transaction?

3 million CTL financing used for NNN property - possibly 100% LTV. Then the closing costs which will be about 90-100k. How can I finance that without using my own money? I'm a young investor and I need some guidance.
In Buying Property - Asked by Andrew M. - Apr 7, 2010
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Randy E.
Lender/Mortgage Broker
Memphis, TN

The days of no money down are gone. Get a partner.

Apr 7, 2010
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Rose s.
Staten Island, NY


Apr 7, 2010
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Andrew M.
New Castle, DE

that's not very helpful info!

Apr 7, 2010
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Jeff D.
Manchester, NH

The answers may not be what you want to hear, but they're not necessarily off-base. Properties that could previously have been financed with 0 to 10% down now require 25% to 40% down. You're trying to finance in excess of 100%, which is unrealistic in the current environment. Even worse, you're a "young investor", which probably translates into inexpereinced in dealing with the asset you want to buy - or at least that's how a lender will look at it.
You need an equity partner. However, you need to be realistic in answering this question - if someone else is putting up the equity/risk capital, what are you bringing to the transaction?

Apr 8, 2010
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