How Do I Present Deals To Prospective Investors/Partners? How should I approach the situation?

I work with investors for a living. I want to know how to open up the lines with them on commercial real estate.
How do you guys approach them and what information do you provide for them (Other then the normal things)
In Buying Property - Asked by Bryan P. - Mar 17, 2009
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Richard G.
Tavares, FL

Each situation is different. But there are 4 questions you should know (or at least have a good idea about) before you approach your customer: How much money is needed going into a property? When is this money needed? How much money will be you get when you sell? When will you sell? Bottom line: How much money will I make compared to making no risk investments such as CDs/Treasury bonds, etc.?

Mar 19, 2009
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Jason F.
Phoenix, AZ

You better know more than the 4 questions that the previous genteleman suggested. If you are investing other people's money, you better know them well, know their investment goals, and know what they expect of you. You need to know what role they will play [passive or active]. You better have very strong documentation [agreements] that dictates exactly how the relationship will proceed and end. You need to hire a very good attorney to formulate the partnership agreement. You should hire an accountant to determine tax complecations and issues.
Essentially, you need to button everything up BEFORE you start throwing deals in their face because without a true understanding of your relationship with those investors, you are wasting your time.

Mar 24, 2009
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