Does Harris County require a certain number of parking places for a church property?

I was looking at a commercial property in Atascocita for my church and the leasing agent said they couldn't rent to a church because they didn't having the required number of parking places (required by Harris County).
In Leasing Property - Asked by Kathryn S. - Jul 13, 2015
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Robert C.
Addison, TX

While I have completed over 200 church real estate transactions during my 27 years in the commercial real estate brokerage business. I do not have the particulars on Harris County. However as a general rule, the amount of parking required is based on the seating capacity of the church, and generally it requires one parking space for every 4 seats. However, each municipality can set their own rules. I would recommend that you contact the building inspections department for the municipality where the church is to be located, and they can give you the correct number. I hope this helped.

Jul 13, 2015
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Jason E.
Austin, TX

I can tell you that City of Houston is one spot for every 5 seats in Auditorium/Sanctuary

Jul 14, 2015
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Allen J.
Dallas, TX

Review the current IBC - International Building Code in "Off Street Parking Requirement" a Church usually includes a lot of different functions the. Occupancy Ratings tell you how many people can occupy different uses in the church.
For example the Sanctuary would be "Assembly" with "Fixed Seating" = 25 Square Feet Per Person
Office would be a "Business" type of use = 100 Square Feet Per Person
Classrooms "Educational" ................................and so on
Check with the Atascoita Building (City) Building Department and ask what version of the IBC they have adopted.
Most cities have an ordinance formally adopting the IBC in the United States.
Rule of Law states that the City must take liability if they do not follow this Internationally accepted building code.
Then again they can be more strict if they choose.
It is often not a great idea to adopt of make building codes more strict when it does not have a good purpose like human safety or use strict use requirements.
Also check the City/County Zoning Ordinance usually associated with Building Departments within the City Hall Department.

Jul 14, 2015
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