Do you need to lay out your entire plan to a commercial property owner? How much info should be shared?

The reason why I ask these questions is because if I am reviewing several spaces for my business, I am afraid that the current owner may share my idea. With all due respect to agents, in a small town, word travels quickly.
In Leasing Property - Asked by Kelly P. - Jan 8, 2012
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Al G.
Mahwah, NJ

No, you do not NEED to share your entire plan with a property owner. If you are planning to lease the property, you will likely need to let them know the intended use in general terms. However, if they are insisting on a business plan, and you relly want the property, you should have them sign a confidentiality agreement before you give them any details. Keep in mind, though, right now it is a tenant's market, and there are likely many locations available to you. Use that to your advantage.
Ken Fioretti
Crossroads Companies

Jan 9, 2012
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